Durban, South Africa, September 2001.  I was walking through the huge exhibit hall as part of the World Conference Against Racism – a convening of thousands for racial justice worldwide.  There in the midst of teach-ins and health educators and organizers stood a rather nervous crew of white South Africans.  They were encouraging passersby to […]



Reflections from Higher Ground No.1 The ‘Rigged Game’ Few of Us Are Talking About The current president has made much of the “rigged game” of electoral politics.  And he is right.  It is rigged – for his benefit and people like him. The very structure of governance in this country stacks the game against people […]

In the current political climate where some forces are becoming even more strident in their efforts to advance racism and white supremacy and more organizers are courageously pushing to address racism head on, there are some advocates concerned about “triggering” potential supporters by bringing race (or really, racism) up in their communications.  I want to […]



The Higher Ground Top 10: What Social Change Makers Should Do Differently in These Times There’s a lot of advice going around about this political moment. In our new series, Transformation 101, we offer our ten cents on the matter. More reflection and planning for the long term. Even in these times of rapid fire […]

Makani Themba’s keynote address at the HRIA 2015 Symposium