“Curing” What Truly Ails Us: Reflections on Movement Strategy in the Time of Coronavirus

You already know that organizing, which was already hard, is now bananas. COVID-19 exacerbates the impact of racism and patriarchy on our bodies, on our livelihood, on our lives in ways we never imagined. The most oppressed are the most at risk. Our old tactics of showing up and showing out in numbers puts our people at risk. And the “essential” workers best positioned to throw a wrench in the machine are either mostly unorganized or health workers who cannot ethically engage in work stoppages. A notable, potential exception, of course, is the current organizing at Amazon.

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Beyond Case Justice: Reimagining Remedy for the 21st Century

while much of our work is focused at the level of individual case advocacy in a system that is patently unjust, our opponents operate at the structural level of policy, procedure and cultural norm by making guns and extrajudicial killings “normal” and “justifiable” – when used by whites or those reaffirming white supremacy values.

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