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What would our work look like if we planned as if our highest hopes were possible?  What if our process and outcomes were rooted in our values and we had metrics to match?

That’s Higher Ground Change.

Higher Ground’s comprehensive approach helps partners integrate authentic engagement, systems analysis, framing and narrative strategy, resource development and more for powerful, vision-based change.

We are experienced social justice practitioners that understand all good collaborations start with listening.  We are not experts handing out blanket “prescriptions.” We respect your expertise.  We know that our freedom and our humanity is bound together and we are working together for our highest good.

Higher Ground Change Strategies include change communications, strategic planning, convening design and facilitation for organizations, agencies and philanthropic institutions working to advance social justice.   Want to explore if Higher Ground is the place for you?  Contact us at info@highergroundstrategies.net

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Bridging Vision, Values and Strategy for transformative change.

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